Pull Door Hardware Considerations

Cabinet PullsWe design and style, engineer, and assemble 90% of our lights in Portland, Oregon, and have for more than three decades.

Altering or updating your cabinet hardware is a fast and fun way to take your space from terrifically classic to marvelously modern day in a flash. Trade in those bright and brassy cabinet knobs for some sleek silver ones. Go from cold metal to smooth stone or plain white porcelain to sparkling, jewel-toned glass. No matter what style of cabinet knobs you opt for they will add a refreshing new look to your tired décor.

gives a wide assortment of kitchen cabinet pulls, handles and knobs. All our products are produced of most effective excellent components. We offer pulls and handles in finishes: stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, brushed nickel, satin chrome, polished chrome, polished brass and other. Most our merchandise are privately branded under Celeste Styles name. We present retail and wholesale sales. Enjoy our free of charge shipping on orders more than $25. Ask about particular discounts for cabinet generating and construction companies.

The previous owners of our house had just redone the kitchen when they had to sell. One of the items they did that I Really like is that the bottom cabinetry is all drawers, with the exception of under the sink and 1 tall skinny cupboard for cookie sheets. They did NOT, nevertheless, install hardware on any of the drawers, just knobs on the upper cabinets. I located some pulls I loved for the drawers and replaced the knobs with knobs that superior matched the finish of the new pulls.

Maintaining in mind your general theme for the area, you have several selections in colour and style of cabinet door hardware. Black, gold, silver and pewter are frequent colors for cabinet hardware though many other colors like blue and white are readily available for extra colorful possibilities. Styles are even extra varied, from plain and unobtrusive to ornamental and showy. With some careful consideration, you can choose hardware including hinges, pulls or knobs for both doors and drawers that will match each and every other and be complementary to your kitchen cabinets.