Roman Candle Shoot

Roman CandleA shootout of a distinct sort erupted on the dark streets of Chicago. A group of young males, who have been described as rival gangs” or a group of friends” depending on who you ask, have been noticed in an epic roman candle battle on the west side of Chicago. The enormous battle erupted in the streets as automobiles have been halted by the flying sparks and streams of fireworks all through the streets.

Janus is depicted with two heads hunting in distinct directions. He appears forward to what is to come, and behind us at what is past. He is the God of beginnings and endings, of doorways, of passageways—the comings and goings in our lives. This is why he rules more than the month that brings the finish of one year and the starting of one more. Janus assists us through transitions—he aids us leave a single thing behind, even though we commence a different thing.

Superb lens! Thanks for sharing your memories and congratulations on LOTD! I grew up in the 50s in suburban USA. We played outdoors a lot extra than youngsters do currently, and our absolutely free time was a lot significantly less structured. We played jacks and marbles, and cowboys and Indians, also, and created up a lot of our own games. No electronic games and computer systems for us-but we had so a lot fun!

Vladimir, How wonderful to hear what God has accomplished in your life!! Oh, now I have an understanding of greater your very first comment. Yes, I as well fully grasp their expected Mahdi is probably to come from Iraq. I recognize from the prophet Isaiah that the Antichrist is named the ‘Assyrian’, which could be northern Iraq or eastern Turkey. So I wonder, too, if the two will be seen as the exact same personabe. Correct, and then there is his false prophet.

As properly as all the celebrations that went on in people’s residences, the Saturnalia was also formally celebrated as component of the Roman state religion. The Temple of Saturn, one particular of the most ancient in Rome, situated in the Roman Forum was also the city treasury. On the 17th of December the Temple was opened and the God, whose image was bound in bands of wool throughout the year was released.