Roman Candle

Roman CandleRoman Candles shoot flaming balls or stars into the sky, 1 at a time, with a pause in between each and every shot. Each shooting star is visible as it leaves the tube and arcs via the night sky. In smaller Candles, these shooting stars burn out with colourful trails. Larger Candles develop extra effects such as bursting flowers, flying fish & spinning bees.

A great young band like Roman Candle is so most likely to fall through the cracks. Their first album (The Wee Hours Critique) languished on the shelf for nearly three years before it was released. Meanwhile they toured relentlessly, opening for high quality acts like Aimee Mann and the Indigo Girls and the Psychedelic Furs, captivating audiences wherever they played. When the album ultimately came out in 2006, critics raved, but did Roman Candle develop into a household name? Nope. By all rights their excellent new album, Oh Tall Tree in the Ear, must make them stars at last, but I’m too cynical to count on miracles like that.

How gorgeous is that! ALL Christian denominations, be it Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist and so a lot of other people all praising and loving with each other as God initially intended. When I was in Prague, I sang at a Baptist Church with my College Singing Group. Myself, getting Catholic, some of my close friends getting an assortment of believers stood there in front of the congregation in Prague and Sang, Worshiping collectively. One of the songs was the Hymn Holy, Holy, Holy” when we got to that song, the congregation began singing in Czech although we sang in English. AND THAT IS WHEN IT Occurred!

Easter Vigil solutions are held on Holy Saturday, the day amongst Excellent Friday and Easter Sunday, when Christians wait and watch for Christ’s return at midnight. The Paschal candle is lit outside the church by a charcoal brazier. After inside the church it remains lit for the complete Easter season. The Anglican and Lutheran churches leave the candle lit from Easter till the day marking the Ascension 40 days later. In the Roman Catholic tradition, it remains lit for 50 days, until Pentecost.

Our tradition was to have some silver coins hidden in various parts of the pudding. These had been the now-defunct sixpenny pieces, about the size of a dime, and we had been all told to chew Quite meticulously! Nonetheless, it was no secret that our grandmother usually made certain that each and every kid got at least one sixpence.