Sliding Barn Doors

Door LatchesWe style, engineer, and assemble 90% of our lights in Portland, Oregon, and have for over 3 decades.

Are you confident they’re glued on? Most strap hinges come with supportive screws, so no gluing is important. If you’re refinishing anyway (and there is glue involved), I’d try a) adhesive remover b) rubbing alcohol c) anything with orange oil (this operates great to break down the sticky adhesive). Most of these issues will discolor your finish, but if you happen to be repainting or sanding anyway, this won’t be an problem. Very good luck, and post some pics when it is completed!

Really inventive! I see both plus and and minus points. A huge plus is that it makes each lock bump, choose and drill resistant, on the other hand on the minus side it tends to make a single-step egress into 2-step egress, and does not assist a lot against brute force. Still, I think that your device may be useful in some applications. Thanks for sharing!

Hunting up from the bottom of the cabinet door, the latch is hidden in a cutout. To release this latch you push up on the lengthy button that you see above and pull forward on the cutout to open the cabinet. Look above at the major photo and you will see the latch itself and how it operates. When you push up on the button you are pulling the plastic wedge in front of the button up and into the latch and above the metal catch that is on the inside of the cabinet.

To verify out all the door hinges that are out there, don’t make the long trip to the hardware store. What you can do alternatively is just hit the Web for some on-line buying. Comparing merchandise and their prices through all the online retailers is a breeze, plus, when you do come across a thing you like and obtain it, it will be shipped appropriate to your residence. Seriously, purchasing has in no way been so practical considering that you never have to step foot outdoors your property to do it.