Sliding Door Program

Rolling DoorsThe sliding doors method is not seriously a new notion, even so it is revolutionary. The Roman houses, specifically in the buried city of Pompeii in Italy, have evidently created use of the technique as their principal selection of doors. These are usually suspended or mounted on columns or panels of stone building. So as an alternative of its earlier counterparts, which are by the way created of big boulders of rocks that move sideways, the Romans have innovated a type of door that operates in similar fashion while a mounting was utilised to guide the door into a distinct direction – far more like digging a straight canal into the underlying building as a guide for path.

Delivering a higher high-quality expense efficient solution is our typical and that is just why our doors have been selected by numerous providers, small and huge. In the 10 years that we have been selling our products we have produced a superior name for ourselves in nations around the globe. Discover our web-site by door or solution style and get an even much more in-depth view of our product variety in real globe circumstances, meeting real globe solutions!

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By removing the bottom bar and damaged slats, the additional slats stored at the top rated of the coil move down to make the door operational. The bottom bar can then be reattached to the door for swift and uncomplicated return to operation. Ordering and waiting for further slats is not needed. All repair can be carried out inside the initial service contact.

Al Kuhaimi’s Series 800 Normal Duty Industrial Rolling Doors are an economical answer of supplying a safe closure to openings up to 5.00m wide and 25 sq.m size for industrial applications such as factories, warehouses, workshops and any application exactly where security is necessary. They are made mainly for internal use external openings where wind resistance is not an concern.