Sliding Glass Door Repairs You Can Do Oneself

Sliding Garage DoorsSliding glass doors are really common in U.S. houses, commonly as entry doors to a backyard, deck, or patio area. If you are like a lot of home owners who reside in older homes, you may discover that your sliding glass door is in have to have of some standard repairs. In this post, we’ll address some of the most common troubles afflicting older sliding glass doors, as properly as some simple and low expense repairs you can do your self.

Good door for the initial 6 months, then both screen door closers broke, and now the spring inside broke and the screen aspect separated from the glass door element. We’re stuck with a door that’s half wide open like a barn door (no screen any far more, and the glass half cannot be lifted up). Larson client service will not replace something.

Worn doorknobs (locksets) are quick to replace. For interior doors, you may possibly just remove four screws and take it to any household-improvement shop. Some call for that you get rid of the knob and pop off a plate to get at any screws – appear for a tiny hole with a springy button inside close to the edge of the deal with, and then for a compact slit or dip to pry on the edge of the plate. The manufacturer’s name is often above the latch if you will need some instuctions.

One more possibility for a blind corner cabinet is a fold-out shelf fitting from Lee valley Tools: one half of this fitting attaches to the corner cabinet door and when you open the door, folds out with it, bringing along behind it a further set of shelves which occupy the blind corner space. This enables you to access all the corner space without wasting as a great deal of it as a lazy susan does.

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