Smith College Museum Of Ancient Inventions

Roman CandleCandles were very first described in Biblical occasions, as early as the tenth century BCE. These early candles have been made of wicks stuck into containers filled with a flammable material.

The baked goods have been amazing and the decor of this location (down to the bathrooms) was amazing! I had the Kouign which was a buttery, caramelized masterpiece. They also serve Stumptown coffee, the cold brew pre-mixed with chocolate milk is my jam. My mom had the residence cured salmon avocado toast with arugula and a light lemon drizzle, it was really fresh and the all the flavors complimented each and every other perfectly.

I sat alone final evening at my bar hangout and wrote a screenplay. I enjoy this bar. It’s a micro-brewery with the finest craft beer about. I’ve been on every Tinder date there, seated at the wooden counter under the dim lights. The bartenders in all probability believe I’m a prostitute. I am there so typically that Rick, the owner, knows to simply surprise me with a drink. Don’t even have to order. I sound like an alcoholic. I’m not.

This morning I went out for a really early round of 18 holes as Ann was committed to her aqua aerobics class. I joined up with Rick an athletic looking handsome man who turned out to be gentle as a lamb. I couldn’t guess his age but he lives in Ajijic just after living in Los Angeles most of his life. He plays 18 holes every single morning at 7 AM.

When the persecution did not appear to be functioning, as the Christians merely went into hiding and continued to spread their religion, Diocletian advocated their torturous and entertaining executions in the Circus Maximus and Colosseum, and this was the time when most Christians had been thrown to the lions, a great deal to the delight of the Roman citizens who worshiped Roman gods.