There’s No Place like a Restored Home

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gbr-artikel-1nop2016-fariz-copyYou never know when you will stumble upon your next restoration project.  I certainly didn’t expect a trip to the beauty salon to lead me to a gorgeous mid-century ranch house in need of tlc, but that’s what happened.  I had long thought of owning a mid-century home like the one I grew up in out on the West coast, but they were in short supply in the town I now live in.  That is why I was so surprised to see a ranch among the traditional homes that are so common in our city.  I noted the location of the house and jotted down the realtor’s number and sped off to my appointment.

While I sat there getting my hair cut and styled I keep thinking how cool it would be to use a Groupon to get an incredible deal on that house like the one I got at the salon.  I saved more than 50% on the salon services by using a Groupon coupon that I pulled up on my smart phone at the salon.  And because I was a new customer, I got an additional $25 off the service.  Now that might not seem like much, but that $25 would cover a gallon of paint.

When I returned home and told my husband about the house he agreed to take a look at it.  I honestly didn’t know what his reaction would be.  He does love a good challenge; but restoring an old house is a daunting task and I didn’t know if he would want to take on that big a project.  Like me, he had done a few restoration projects; stripping old barn doors and installing reclaimed hardware, but nothing like a four bedroom, three bath house.  Fortunately he loved the house as much as I did and we put an offer on it.  After much trepidation and going back and forth with the owner our offer got accepted.  Now that we have moved in I sometimes wonder what would have happened had I not taken a turn down the wrong street on the way to the salon that day.  Since then we have used Groupons to buy tons of stuff for our remodeling projects.  Just think;  I got a great deal on a hairstyle and my dream home because of a Groupon coupon.