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Fence DoorsInadequate pool fencing remains a major contributing element in the rate of drowning among children under 5 years of age.

Hi Dale. I have noticed this kind of thing ahead of. Sounds to me like your door frame is wood with a wooden decorative molding called a casing, and your closer shoe was mounted to just the casing and not to the header. It is a typical problem with modern (post WW II) wood door frame installations that the frames are place in with nothing supporting the header. If that is the case, the real surprise is that it did not pull off the casing extended ago.

We also build custom wrought iron security doors and gates in a wide assortment of designs and finishes, such as wood and iron combinations, double and automatic gates and specialized metal finishes to present gorgeous safety options for your household, yard and company. Our commitment to quality, client satisfaction and affordability set us above the competitors.

If you have a low wrought iron fence running the length of your home, adding a wrought iron gate will support to complete the appear. These gates are about the size of a standard garden gate. You can get one that has only 1 opening or a single that opens each strategies for a grander really feel. These smaller sized wrought iron gates are well-known entrances to garden places also. If you have wrought iron patio furnishings, this type of garden gate can seriously set off your yard.

Dig post holes to suit the length of the posts. You can use a spade or a post-hole borer to do the digging. These posts of the fence really should be fixed within a minimum of 600mm into the ground. You should dig in a way that the holes are wider at their base than at the best, which is practically 3 times the width of the posts. Put the posts into the holes afterwards. Generally for most types of fences, 100mm x 75mm posts are adequate, but for posts at the end and corners of a fence or posts for a gate must be at least be 100mm x 100mm.