They Delivered the Best Shutters

I knew that I wanted new shutters, but I was not sure where to get them at. One of the national home improvement stores was having a sale on them, but I was not convinced that they were the best option for me. It concerned me that they said they could have them installed in less than a week’s time, because that just made me suspect they were not going to use quality materials, favoring a quick turnaround instead. A friend suggested I look at plantation shutters, a local family owned company that provides quality shutters, and I am so glad that she did.

When I went to their website, I first looked at the different types of shutters they had. I was immediately impressed with what I saw, and I knew that I wanted to know more about this company. I looked at their history, and I also looked at their FAQ page. I did both of these things because this was a major purchase and I wanted to make sure that everything was on the level before proceeding with a company I had never dealt with before.

What I found out is that Orange County Shutters is a stand up company. They are family owned, and they have been beautifying homes in the region for decades. They use only the best materials when creating custom made shutters, and they handle everything from coming out to the client’s home to measure and offer suggestions to installing the shutters too. They really handle every aspect of it, and the shutters are definitely superior to the ones that the national chain was going to install. These shutters are created with care and with the best materials, and the quality workmanship is obvious. I am just so happy that I went with them!