Bringing the Past with You

Moving from one coast to another has been an interesting experience. I moved with my husband because he’s in the military. We’ve moved around a lot, but not to the west coast until now. I’ve missed all of the homes that we’ve been in, and all of the wonderful people that we’ve met along the way. In our last home before moving, there were these amazing wood shutters on the windows. The new home we moved into didn’t have them, so I had to find a company that would be able to install them.

I did some searching for local shutter companies and found one that would come to my home to do take some measurements and do some consulting for free. They showed me some designs for the shutters that they had and I picked one out. They were able to install the shutters without a hassle, and I instantly loved how they looked in my new home. They made the windows look exactly the same as the ones in our old home that I grown nostalgic for since moving. It was like I was able to bring a piece of the home with me, even though I didn’t.

When my husband saw the shutters, he was shocked. He remembered how he felt the first time we moved into the previous home and he started to tear up a little. This has been our last move, because my husband is going to retire from the army soon. We’ll be able to concentrate on starting a family and hopefully I’ll be able to give birth to some beautiful children. Twins runs in my husband’s family, and it would be nice to have some twins running around the house, as long as they don’t cause any damage. The last thing I need are broken shutters.